October 9th, 2010


Private detective in Malaysia

I'm doing 'research' for my Nanowrimo (heck, whatever research lah...bukannya I will finish the novel...).

My heroine finds herself an heir of a massive fortune and there are people after her life for it. I need her to encounter several kinds of characters that will be able to help her out of sticky situations, although at this point I've yet to decide what kind of characters they would be (investigative journalist? lawyer? private detective? bomoh?).

Suppose my heroine gets herself the assistance of private detectives. How do private detective agencies in Malaysia charge? Specifically, how do private detective agencies in Kuala Lumpur charge?

It's very possible that my novel will include a private detective, since she might need to do investigation on family blood lines and company backgrounds. My heroine is a single middle-class twenty-something professional woman, so I want her interaction with the agencies she encounters fairly believable -- at least believable enough for me to write it.