November 15th, 2010

  • karcy

Question I've been wanting to ask Buddhist-Taoist adherents

I've been wanting to ask Buddhist/Taoist adherents about this: to what extent to Buddhist/Taoist adherents regard the reality of deities like Guan Yin? Is she an actual person, or is she a metaphor for a greater spiritual truth (in the way that some Hindus regard their gods)? Would a devotee to Guan Yin be offended if someone said that she had origins as a Hindu god in the same way that Christians would be offended if someone said that Jesus had origins in gods such as Mithra or Apollo?

I have friends who pray to Guan Yin, but I don't know if their belief system can really be called Buddhist/Taoist in a meaningful way, since it appears to me a kind of syncretism emerging from following teachings of people like Lillian Too. I would like to know more from people who identify as Buddhist/Taoist.
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Short fiction

Hey folks,

Would you happen to read any Malaysian science fiction / fantasy short fiction? Which means, scifi/fantasy short fiction published in Malaysia? (I'm aware of PTS Fortuna, but last I checked, they publish novels.)