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Contest Entries wanted!

Hi everyone

Need your help and entries over at MilkLovesYou. We're running a contest on Rediscovering the Wonders of Milk, and the rules are simple: submit a video or a blog entry about rediscovering the wonders of UHT milk. It can be any kind of milk (including goat's and soy milk) as long as it's UHT-processed. :D

Today (31 July) is the last day, so am hoping we get more participants. In case you're wondering, the first prize is a netbook for the Blogging category and a Sony Handycam for the video category.

Remember, your entry MUST have the MilkLovesYou logo for the blog post and the title: Rediscover the Wonders of Milk for the video entry. Thanks!

Milk Loves You

This contest is open to ANYONE in Malaysia; as long as you have a mailing address with someone who can receive a package, you're eligible. :)

Mods, I apologise if this is against the rules.
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