Kate Green Zombie Shooter (karcy) wrote in malaysians,
Kate Green Zombie Shooter

What was this movie?

This Chinese (well, Hong Kong, more accurately, I think) movie has been seared in my memory, but I have no idea which movie it is.

This is a wuxia movie. I don't remember much of the plot of the story, except that the first time(?) the hero shows up he is drinking strong alcohol from a bottle and drops a scorpion into the bottle to make the alcohol stronger. The main plot involves a whole score of characters fighting against an an oppressive and evil organization. The 'good guys' side an organization called the Sun-Moon Sect.

I remember that at the end, the Sun-Moon Sect triumphs, but ends up becoming the same force of evil that the previous organization was. In one scene the good guys turn away from a group of people chanting "The Sun-Moon Sect, the Sun-Moon Sect" in the background, while someone says something to the effect of 'we arrive at the same place we started out in the end'. The remaining heroes decide to leave the country for good.

If I am not mistaken this movie is where the 'Long pau, long ngau' song comes from. The ending credits is set against a scene of waves crashing against a cliff.

What was this movie?

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Edit: I found it! It's Swordsman 2. Sorry, weak Google-fu.
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