< - ¿ cold ° fire ((for even ice burns)) ? - > (tsents) wrote in malaysians,
< - ¿ cold ° fire ((for even ice burns)) ? - >

Cyber Cafes around PJ/KLCC


Just wanted to ask if anyone know of any decent CCs (good server connection, keyboards and mouse not all koyak, not too expensive) near the KLCC area (where I work) or near the PJ-Jalan Gasing area (where I live) that has the following games?
  • Bionic Commander
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Killing Floor
And does anyone wanna play with me? =D Would be nice to have a decent team to play with. I'm not brilliant, but can hold my own in the latter 2 games, and am trying to get better at BC. Tired of getting fragged by my pals back home!
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