Reira (currynana) wrote in malaysians,

Urgent Help Needed: TV Shows Survey

Hi Hi there,

Rachel here~ :) I have a huge favour to ask of you, if possible. And it'll only take like, 3 minutes maybe. Or even less.

I'm currently interning at a production house (company) and I need to collect data on what kind of TV shows Malaysians like to watch. I need lots and lots of it, and responses from various age groups and races, as long as they're Malaysians. :D So I've created a survey online (at a rather dodgy looking or rather very funny name for a survey website) and it'll be great if you can leave your answers/responses/comments all there.

The link:

I would need to hand this in by Friday morning, so if you receive this after Friday morning at 9PM (Malaysian time), you can just ignore it. Also, if you're seen my links or posts on FB or wherever and have left your answer there, I'm sorry but could you go to the website and click on the options. It'll be easier to ...tabulate (?) the data. :)

Thanks so much!

Much loves,

P/S If possible, do forward it out to any of your friends and family. Thanks so much again! :)
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