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May 13 Blogswarm

Hey folks! Do you know what a blogswarm is? It's when everyone blogs about the same thing on the same day. We may share links on a central post, so we can see what each other wrote and get many different perspectives, and maybe get discussions going.

I am proposing a blogswarm on May 13, about, well, May 13 1969! We know how it's been a bugbear for us since forever ago - on the one hand it's a reminder about what racial disunity is like, but on the other hand, politicians use it as a threat so we don't talk about racism in Malaysia. It means many different things to different people.

So on, or for May 13, we can all blog about whatever comes to mind when we think about May 13. For example:
- A history of what happened on May 13 as you understand it (use your own words, not Wikipedia's). How were you taught about May 13? Did you learn more later on that changed how you thought about it?
- If you have any relatives who was there and participating, or if YOU were there and participating, share your stories!
- How has Malaysia changed since 1969? How has it not changed?
- Since May 13 was caused by racial polarization, what do you think of race relations today?
- Do you think we're still divided? What examples of racism have you seen that tells us we're not past May 13 yet?
- Tell us how you really feel about the NEP!
- Talk about generational gaps in viewing May 13, or the absence thereof of remembering this date.
- How do you feel about the way government is being run right now? Do you have any recommendations on what really should happen?
- How do specific race-based government policies affect you and/or your loved ones?
- Poems, stories, essays about, on, set during, themed, around May 13.
- anything else you can think of to remember May 13.

Write in English, or Malay, or Chinese, or Tamil, or Malaysian-English, or bahasa pasar, or whatever you feel like writing in. I'll make a post so people can copy-paste their URLs and we can see what everyone else has written. If you want to write something but don't want to be linked, that's cool too! The point of the blogswarm is to encourage expression of our thoughts, not to get into internet arguments.

So, what do you think? You want in?

ETA tariq_kamal pointed me to the "Let's Recolor May 13" campaign, which will likely have the blessings of the mass media. If that's more your style, go for it.

For the blogswarm, you can use the power of alternative media to talk about stuff you think isn't discussed often enough, or is suppressed because to talk about it is to challenge the image of racial unity, or your personal thoughts on May 13. Go wild.

ETA: Master link post can be found here!
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