Lost License! Help?

Hi people..I have a question. If we lose the 2nd half of our driving license, you know the updated piece with the expiry date without out photo, can we get it replaced by getting another one printed at the postoffice, as you would normally do when you renew it at the postoffice?

As opposed to going to JPJ if you had lose your actual license with the photo ID?

I'm not in Malaysia at this point and wont be back for a year and was hoping one of my family members could do it for me. Any ideas?

Urgent Help Needed: TV Shows Survey

Hi Hi there,

Rachel here~ :) I have a huge favour to ask of you, if possible. And it'll only take like, 3 minutes maybe. Or even less.

I'm currently interning at a production house (company) and I need to collect data on what kind of TV shows Malaysians like to watch. I need lots and lots of it, and responses from various age groups and races, as long as they're Malaysians. :D So I've created a survey online (at a rather dodgy looking or rather very funny name for a survey website) and it'll be great if you can leave your answers/responses/comments all there.

The link: http://bit.ly/62ueOu

I would need to hand this in by Friday morning, so if you receive this after Friday morning at 9PM (Malaysian time), you can just ignore it. Also, if you're seen my links or posts on FB or wherever and have left your answer there, I'm sorry but could you go to the website and click on the options. It'll be easier to ...tabulate (?) the data. :)

Thanks so much!

Much loves,

P/S If possible, do forward it out to any of your friends and family. Thanks so much again! :)
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Batu Seremban moves

So, do you guys remember what we called the different challenges for batu seremban? I can remember the challenges, just not what they're called. I'm thinking of making myself a batu seremban set and playing for fun, just to keep my hand in.
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Cyber Cafes around PJ/KLCC


Just wanted to ask if anyone know of any decent CCs (good server connection, keyboards and mouse not all koyak, not too expensive) near the KLCC area (where I work) or near the PJ-Jalan Gasing area (where I live) that has the following games?
  • Bionic Commander
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Killing Floor
And does anyone wanna play with me? =D Would be nice to have a decent team to play with. I'm not brilliant, but can hold my own in the latter 2 games, and am trying to get better at BC. Tired of getting fragged by my pals back home!
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Get a load of this!

I apologize for those of you who have read this, but this was the laugh of the day.
KUALA TERENGGANU: Body odour, humdrum sex and boring pyjamas have been blamed for the high divorce rate in Terengganu and the state government is coming up with innovative ways to improve sexual relations, especially among newly-weds.

Top on its list is to invite cosmetic firms to introduce exotic and sensuous fragrances that can arouse sexual desire.

And husbands and wives are being encouraged to bathe together.



Recs for blogs written in BM

I am writing an analysis on the Malaysian blogosphere as pop culture, and while I am pretty familiar with the English language blogs (which imho can be summarized as Kenny Sia and Co), I was wondering whether anyone can point me in the right direction to blogs written in BM (sadly, I can't speak either Mandarin/ other Chinese dialects or Tamil). Only informal non-serious "pop culture" blogs that can give some insight into Malaysian life may apply. The more rant-y (but not political rant-y), the better. Thank you! 

What up, Malaysians?

Just wanted to do a quick check, especially among Malaysians under 25:

Does the name Che Siti Wan Kembang or Puteri Saadong mean anything to you?

Without referring to Wikipedia, if the names DO ring a bell, do you still remember where you first heard them and in what context? Thanks!

Crossposted to my journal too. :3
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(no subject)

 Hey all, just wanted to ask if any of you knew where to get Tend Skin. It's a sort of aftershave, except more for, um...legs and other body parts, I guess? Here's a link if it can help jog anyone's memory: Totally Worksafe.

Would totally appreciate any tips y'all can offer me!