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LJ in Malaysia

the malaysian community
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an initiative to get all the malaysians in livejournal together as a community.
there is no entry requirement, just as long as you are a malaysian or considers yourself to be one... feel free to click here to join the malaysian community!

http://www.petalingstreet.org - blog elitism, but we like.

for more info on malaysia's current affair:

The Star
New Straits Times

Useful resources for the malaysian public:

Yellow Pages

Malaysia's one stop online legal resources.

StreetDirectory.com's half service to KL and Klang Valley

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Posted by karcy on 27 February 2005:

A Few Guidelines before Posting:
1. Regarding content: please remember that this is a community journal. Although posts do not have to strictly be about Malaysiana, please make sure that the content of your post is suitably share-worthy. What makes a share-worthy post is subjective, but the general accepted rules of conduct, by the opinion of the majority, are:

- Avoid posting personal updates about yourself. If you would like a wider audience for something that has recently happened to you, the best way to do so would be to ping your blog to Petaling Street. Enquiries, such as where to buy a particular item, or locating a particular service, are all right. Likewise, discussions based on something that has happened to you (the haze, petrol price hike) that relates to others are all right.

- Avoid filling the community with funny or interesting forwards you have gotten in your inbox. They border on being spam.

- Make your post easy for others to respond to. Avoid too much personal rambling and ranting (it makes a post look personal) and always enable comments.

- Local job ads postings are allowed, but you must include the job details, what it entails, as well as your full contact information. Failure to do so will result in a warning of an impending deletion of the job ad within 24 hours, as well as the post reported as spam to LJ authorities.

2. Trolls will not be tolerated. Any posts that appear to be deliberately insulting (without being constructive) towards Malaysia or her citizens will have to be edited or removed.

3. Keep all images in an LJ cut. They have a tendency to make other people’s friends lists very untidy and to slow loading time for people on dial-up.

4. Obey the rules of grammar. No one is going to jump on you for the occasional typo, but an excessive use of Net speak is undignified.

5. That aside - have fun!

Steps of Deletion:
1. If I feel that any of the posts do not comply with the above guidelines (particularly #1 and #2), and that it warrants deletion, I will issue the author of the post a warning to edit or remove the post in the comments. If the author does not make any changes within 24 hours, then the offending post will be removed. This is to prevent unnecessary posts from clogging up the recent entries page as well as people's friends lists.

2. Any disagreements can be voiced out within that period of 24 hours (before deletion). After that 24 hour period, no complaints will be entertained.

3. If members feel a particular post does not comply with #1 and #2 then it is highly encouraged that they voice out their complaints either to the author of the post or to myself as a moderator (preferably the former).